Our Values

ChangeRoom goes through an extensive vetting process for each brand interested in joining the platform to ensure the integrity of our marketplace. We require brands to follow at least one of our following set of sustainable and ethical values.

3rd Party Certification

Meet sustainable certification such as the Global Organic Textile and Oeko-Tex

Eco-Friendly Fabrics

At least 50% of the fabrics and materials are eco-friendly such as organic cotton and bamboo

Green Manufacturing

Limit the amount of chemicals, textile waste and wastewater during manufacturing processes.

Ethical Practices

Use production practices that ensure socially responsible working conditions.


Use recycled or up-cycled fabrics instead of raw fabrics to produce clothing pieces.

Made in Canada

Clothing is designed, sourced, and manufactured all within Canada

Gives Back

Consistently give back and demonstrates and on-going commitment to charitable activity


Collections are made by hand with care

Our Mission

Our mission is to unite sustainable apparel brands across North America to create a one-stop-shop for customers to find a convenient alternative to fast fashion. We believe the future of fashion is ethical & sustainable and would like to be part of this initiative to lower carbon emissions, textile waste, polluted waters, the number of underpaid workers and child laborers, and more !

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