What is ChangeRoom's Marketplace?

ChangeRoom’s marketplace is a one-stop shop for customers to find all sustainable apparel. Through advanced features like product curation, our app provides an apparel experience smarter and more personalized than ever before.

Our Sustainability Standards

ChangeRoom goes through an extensive vetting process for each brand interested in joining the platform to ensure the integrity of our marketplace. Some components of what we look for in brands include:

Eco-friendly Fabrics

Use fabrics that are eco-friendly such as organic cotton and hemp and minimize textile waste

Green Production

Limit the amount of chemicals, water and wastewater used in production.

Ethical Manufacturing Practices

Use manufacturing practices that ensure proper working conditions such as how labourers are treated and paid

Our Simple Pricing

Standard 15% commision rate on every transaction

Brands receive a free 30 day trial, where they make full sales of our marketplace. Then we have a standard 15% commission rate on every transaction on the app with no extra fees. Our bill is part of your regular Shopify subscription bill at the end of the month, which includes our 15% cut of the transactions from the month. There is no commitment, you can undownload our app anytime.

Mobile Features

Our latest mobile features and tools allow for a smooth and personalized user
experience for all customers.

Profile Creation

Multi-Profile Creation Capabilities

Create more profiles to easily shop for friends and family. This allows users to shop for clothing exclusively personalized to their interests.

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Full Checkout

In-App Checkout

Manages the full checkout process on behalf of brands with payments directly going from users to each respective brand.

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Shop Locally

Local Shopping Options

Explore brands close to you and support local business owners online. This is especially important during a pandemic and the general shift to e-commerce.

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Brand Page

Since there isn't a standard for sustainability, users are able to learn about the values of the brands on our marketplace and can make their own purchasing decisions. This is part of our initiative to stay transparent with users.

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Why ChangeRoom?

Increase Sales

Draw eco-conscious customers to your apparel brand who are invested in ethical and sustainable clothing

Inventory Management

Products sold on our marketplace use the same inventory as your online store, no need to split your inventory.

Higher Conversions

Our advancements in providing a more personalized shopping experience through machine learning, allow for higher conversions for your brand

Easy Integration

We partnered with Shopify to allow for an easy integration of our marketplace with your store. The whole app can be setup in under 30 minutes on the Shopify admin.

Impressed by our Mobile Application?

Download our app of the Shopify Appstore, our integration is quick, thanks to our partnership with Shopify.