Guilty-Free Fashion

ChangeRoom’s thrives to create a sense of unity and collaboration between sustainable brands across Canada to allow purchasing sustainably to be easier and more accessible than ever

High Eco Standards

Brands’ sustainability efforts will be reviewed and verified before allowed on the platform to ensure authenticity of the marketplace to consumers.

Engaged Audience

Eco-conscious customers will be connected to sustainable brands through our user-friendly and accessible mobile platform.

Seamless Integration

Download ChangeRoom's app straight off the Shopify Appstore. Our setup process is dead simple and should take no longer then 30 minutes.

Mobile Application

Feature you brand on ChangeRoom’s Mobile Marketplace

ChangeRoom’s mobile marketplace is a virtual one-stop for customers to find exclusively sustainable apparel. Our app has intelligent features such as product curation to provide an shopping experience better than ever before!

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Our mission is to unite sustainable apparel brands across North America to create a one-stop-shop for customers to find a convenient alternative to fast fashion. We want to maintain integrity of our mobile marketplace, brands on our marketplace follow at least one of our sustainable and ethical values which include eco-friendly materials, ethical production practices, etc.

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Beta Testing Of Our Technology

We have been incredibly fortunate to work with all of the following companies and organizations in the beta testing of our technology

Impressed by our Mobile Application?

Download our app of the Shopify Appstore, our integration is quick, thanks to our partnership with Shopify.