Guilty-Free Fashion

ChangeRoom’s mission is to create a sense of unity and collaboration between sustainable brands across North America to allow purchasing sustainably to be easier and more accessible than ever

High Eco Standards

Brands’ sustainability efforts will be reviewed and verified before allowed on the platform to ensure authenticity of the marketplace to consumers.

Engaged Audience

Eco-conscious customers will be connected to sustainable brands through our accessible platform and will turn away from fast fashion alternatives.

Lower Returns

ChangeRoom helps combat high return rates leading to massive clothing waste with our simple sizing algorithm which gives users their perfect clothing size

Mobile Application

Feature you brand on ChangeRoom’s Mobile Marketplace

ChangeRoom’s mobile marketplace is a virtual one-stop for customers to find exclusively sustainable apparel. Our app has intelligent features such as product curation and sizing recommendation to provide an apparel experience better than ever before!

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Web Application

An algorithm that finds the perfect size for your customers

The shopify app is a service where customers on your site can use an unintrusive ‘find my size’ button on the desired product’s page, making it easily accessible for your customers and unintrusive to your website.

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Web Application Demo

A size recommendation widget that provides customers with their size in all apparel of a brand. ChangeRoom achieves this through a very user-friendly two-step setup process.

Beta Testing Of Our Technology

We have been incredibly fortunate to work with all of the following companies and organizations in the beta testing of our technology

Got Impressed by our Mobile Application?

ChangeRoom's mobile application is a virtual one-stop for customers to find their favourite upcoming clothing brands. The app provides a customer with both clothing in the perfect size and with the ability of checkout on the app.